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What is www.donateItems.in?

www.donateItems.in makes it easier for you to experience the joy of giving. It is an online platform dedicated to connect NGOs committed to the social cause with the ones who want to give to the deprived section of the society in a transparent and well administered manner.

NGOs can list the requirement of items that they need to serve their purpose. You can easily donate new items against the requirements of the NGO that you support. You can buy from any E-commerce sites, pay in full and give the delivery address of the NGO directly on the shopping site. We encourage item donations as the chances of 100% of it reaching the needy are very high. As an item donor, you know that the money will not be used by the NGO to cover their operational expenses.

Another use case of www.donateitems.in is that you can post the details of the used items in good condition that you wish to donate e.g. clothes, shoes, mobile phones, furniture etc. Companies can also list their surplus items in good condition. Only NGOs registered on the site can view donation offers. An NGO who wishes to procure the item can get in touch with you.

You will get feedback on how the item donated by you is being used by the NGO supported by a picture/video.