Solar Lamps (40)

Vandemataram Foundation Delivery Address :
#1-8-522/7, Chikkadapally, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500020

Solar Lamps

January 28, 2016 at 5:28 pm

You can donate used item in good condition or buy new item. Please pay in full and send it to delivery address of the NGO. Please inform us when done. We will request NGO to provide you feedback on receipt and delete this listing.


Vandemataram Foundation is working towards strengthening the Government schools for the last eight years. The foundation is working towards imparting quality and moral education for students’ overall development.

Each year Vandemataram foundation continues to advance its mission of strengthening the government schools in rural area of Mahabubnagar and Warangal districts towards imparting quality and moral education for student’s overall development.

As a part of these, Vandemataram Foundation planned to constructed “Akshara Vanam”, a training cum science center for orphan youth which accommodates and board to at least 100 orphan young adult students. We intend to encourage these youth to enrol for distance leaning in graduation and simultaneously train them intensively in teaching methodologies and languages while guiding them to imbibe good values and character, so that when they leave Akshara Vanam after 3 years, they would be ready to serve the society as good teachers. This in turn will have a multiplying effect in turning out good students (with age appropriate learning abilities) in the next generation.

And for the benefit of upright sports persons as well to identify raw talent of the rural area, foundation constructed sports academy and gym adjacent to the Aksharavanam to emphasize on studies and sports, as well as culture and community service with a vision to develop home-grown leaders who possess a strong sense of ethics and civic responsibility, and who will contribute to their country’s future.

The center is located in the Kalwakurthy block of Mahabubnagar district. Apart from conducting Vandematarm state trainings there, the center will also be used to promote science and sports in the block through various workshops and fairs and this resource center will have a well stocked library, gym, computers & internet, and short courses to teach English and soft skills.

In view of this, we would like to request if you can provide us solar lamps.

Thank you and I hope for your kindness and consideration to grant this request.