What items can I donate through DonateItems.in?

Look around your home or office. You will find many items that you do not need anymore but are still useful for NGOs. Make sure that the items are in good usable/wearable/working condition. E.g. if you are donating clothes, make sure these are not torn and properly washed. If you are donating an old computer that does not work, please get it repaired and then donate. You can also donate new items against NGO requirements.

How do I donate on DonateItems.in?

There are broadly 2 ways you can donate items using DonateItems.in :

a) Click on ‘Donate Your Item’ button, fill in the information about the item, and preferably upload photo and Submit. NGOs will search the items that they need and get in touch with you. Note that only NGOs can see your donation offers.

b) Look for NGO item requirements by selecting the appropriate category from the home page. You can buy a new item from your favourite E-Commerce site, pay in full and give the delivery address of the NGO directly.

How will the NGO / Charity contact me?

When you offer an item for donation, it is mandatory for you to specify your Email address. Please note that your Email address will not be shown to anyone unless you choose to share. NGO can write to you through DonateItems.in without getting to know your Email address.

If you wish, you can enter your phone number when you offer an item for donation. It will be visible only to the NGO that wishes to procure the item from you. It facilitates a quick communication between you and the NGOs willing to contact you. However, it is not mandatory for you to enter your phone number.

How will the item reach the NGO / charity?

It is up to you and NGO representative to decide a mutually convenient place, date and time for the item handover. There are broadly two ways the item can reach the NGO / charity:

a) Donor Delivered: The donor can go to NGO premises after setting up a mutually convenient time with the NGO representative. The donor can also courier the item to the NGO. If a new item is being donated against a particular requirement, the donor can purchase the item from a well known ECommerce shopping site and specify NGO address as the delivery address. If buying a new item from an online site, please pay full amount in advance.

b) NGO pick up: NGO can pick up the item from Donor premises. Donor and the NGO representative can also meet at a mutually convenient place.

If you are buying a new item from E-Commerce website, give the delivery address of the NGO on shopping site directly.

How will I know that the items I am donating are used for the right cause?

All NGOs on our site are registered with the Government. We follow a stringent process of ‘After donation response management’. On receipt of the item, NGO will share feedback on how the item is being used, preferably supported with a picture or a video. An Email will be sent to you when the NGO provides feedback.

What is your process of NGO selection?

We follow stringent criteria for verification of NGOs. Apart from the fact that NGO must be registered with Govt. of India as a trust, society or Section 25 company, we review their IT returns, their vision, work and impact, financial statements, governance, management and operations. We do not consider NGOs having religious or political purpose.

What items cannot be donated?

a) Damaged, torn or wet clothes /material

b) Used undergarments

c) Broken school material

d) Shoes without sole

e) Ration after expiry date

f) Inflammable items like match sticks, lighters, crackers etc.

g) Expired medicines or half consumed liquid medicines.

h) Damaged bags

i) Useless Items or Items not in a working condition

j) Alcohol, Cigarettes, Drugs etc.

k) Other items that are generally prohibited for buying and selling

My maid’s son wants to study. I would like to procure books for this child through DonateItems.in. How do I go about it?

Items being donated cannot be directly procured by the individuals. You need to route your requirement through NGOs only. Please get in touch with the NGO near your location working towards the same cause.

Can I get the tax benefit under Section 80G for my donation of old or new items?

No, tax benefits under Section 80G are not applicable for donating the items.

Why don’t I see the item that I offered for donation in the search list?

Items offered for donation are visible to NGOs only. To manage your offerings, please setup a new account and login.

How does DonateItems.in cover for their operational expenses? Do you charge NGOs a fee for it?

DonateItems.in is FREE for Donors and NGOs and it always will be. We have Google ADs and paid sponsored ADs on the site as one source of revenue. When you buy a new item against an NGO requirement and go through the buttons shown by us on Item Detail page, we get an Affiliate fee from the e-commerce site. Donor gets the same price and all the offers that she would usually get on e-commerce site. This initiative is supported by many students and volunteers.