Casa Gourmet Academy for Women Empowerment

Terms and Conditions

  1. Casa Gourmet Academy is offering free professional cooking training for certified NGOs working towards women empowerment. It includes chocolate making, cake craft, mocktails, salads, cuisines etc. The course is oriented towards setting up your own catering business.
  2. The course is for women only. Women NGO staff members may join along with underprivileged women that they support.
  3. There is no cost to the NGO. Material required for cooking classes will also be procured by Casa Gourmet Academy.
  4. Mentoring and other assistance for catering and chocolate-making startup business will be provided along with our partners.
  5. Women willing to do the course should have interest in cooking.
  6. The classes will be held in Dwarka, New Delhi.
  7. If you are a Donor on and have donated at least one item, as a token of appreciation and saying thanks, Casa Gourmet Academy is offering you 10% discount on cooking classes.
  8. To avail the offer, Contact Us . After verification, a code will be issued to you.
  9. For more details about Casa Gourmet Academy, please visit
  10. The offer is from Casa Gourmet Academy directly to NGOs and Donors. is merely a platform to establish the connection between the service provider and NGOs / Donors. will not be responsible in any way if the service offer is withdrawn or is unsatisfactory.