We are actively looking for funding and volunteers. There can be many reasons why you would like to get in touch with us.

a) Give us funding or introduce us to your organization for funding.

b) Invite us to your organization. We will demo our site to your colleagues and encourage them to donate items.

c) Join our team as a volunteer. You may be an intern, trainee, housewife or anyone who wants to contribute and gain experience in a challenging technology environment.

d) Promote our site and spread the word through social media or otherwise. Please see links to our social media pages on header.

e) Design and develop next version of that will allow users to help NGOs in many other ways. We are looking for volunteers with PHP and MySQL skills. We are using open source model for site development.

f) Help collect items from the donor and deliver it to NGOs in your area. We willl share the doner pick-up address and NGO delivery address.

g) Share feedback and suggestions.

h) Offer your products or services free for NGOs and/or at a discounted price for our donors.

i) Share image on your websites and apps.

j) We are building an Android App for Donors and ECommerce portal for common donation items. You can offer your expertise in these areas.

k) Advertise with us

l) Bless our team and this initiative. It works!!